We offer a lot of possibilities for tastings, teambuilding, dmc.

Through the teambuilding we approach members of the same company in a different environment. They can interact outside the regular atmosphere, in that way the get to know each other better and in different levels. That is positive for the company because they can agree to succeed in the same areas and pose new challenges for it too.

You can check our catalog or if you prefer share with us what you have got in mind and we adapt our place to your needs.You can check our catalog or if you prefer share with us what you have got in mind and we adapt our place to your needs.

You can get more information on the title of each event.

Get your budget in a max of 24 hours.

The sommelier will explain each wine, you will get all the tasting information and we supply professionals wine glasses.

We guarantee your entertainment. It is an amusing and fun experience.

Tasting time: 45-90 min depending of the wines to taste.

The client choose the wine: white, sherrys, rose, red or sparkling.

You also can choose between (ration for four people):

> Iberico charcuterie
> Cheese board
> Pates and foie board
> Assorted nuts

The most famous tasting after the wine in Andalucia. It is our main national product with the Iberian ham. Barely anybody knows it and it worth it to be known. It is impressive to try a few of the more than 400 varieties that we have got in Spain. Different olives by flavor, color or texture. Different oils to cook or just to use. Impressive.

It includes:

> Tasting information
> Sommelier explaining the process
> Professional glasses
> Different kind of olives: green, black and with dressing
> 4 different kind of oils
> Cheese in olive oil or smoked salmon
> Bread and bread sticks
> Sliced apple

Tasting time: 45 min

Chocolate and truffles tasting will make you feel in heaven. The different cocoa flavors mark the difference: criollo, african, dominican…

We choose different truffles for each event: fruits, flowers, liquors… depending of the season, day or moment. Just to make it special for you.

It is the perfect tasting after a good meal, because it just takes 15 min and the perfect moment is after the best food.

You eat the truffles with the best wine, liqueur or sparkling wine, getting the perfect equilibrium between both of them.

It includes:

> Chocolates/Truffles
> 3 different kind of wines
> Sommelier explaining the flavors
> Information about the tasting


We would like that everybody knows one of our best products in Spain.
Tasting time: 45 min

It includes:

Tasting Information about the product: the animal, the environment, the feeding and the differences between all of them.

> CUT OF THE HAM: we will show how do you have to cut the different parts of it.

> FOOD AND DRINK: 120 grams of each kind of ham per person

> A glass of sparkling or jerez dry to increase the ham flavor

ObjetivE: every team needs to do a main tapa which will be the 60% of the punctuation. The optional one will be made with the ingredients that they have on the table for every team.

Procedure: the teams will make their own “sangria” with the sommelier´s explanation.

1.- We divide the group in teams
2.- The tools are in different tables for each team
3.- There will be an extra table with extra ingredients for decorating and for the cold optional “tapa”
4.- The participants create the main tapa with the chef and sommelier help
5.- Tapa presentation
6.- The judges value the presentation, smell and flavor of each tapa
7.- They put the cost and the market price of each tapa

The game includes sangria and 6 tapas that they can drink and eat meanwhile they are playing.

We show the elaboration, fired, drag and matching of the Habana Cigars.

Perfect just before a cocktail, after a dinner…

We show you the differences between those two sparkling wines with different origins.

It includes:

> Sparkling tastings
> Wine lovers trainning
> History and elaboration of the sparkling wine
> Differences and similarities
> Comparative tasting: you will try 6 different cavas and champagne.

You get closer to your team tasting wines. It is an amusing company experience.
You get closer to your team at the same time that you tasting the best cheeses.
We make our clients elaborate their own liqueur going through the Spanish geography and their different liqueurs: Orujo, pacharan, ratafia …

There will be a master distiller guiding the procedures and ancestral recipes, showing our clients the elaboration and giving them the option to change something if they like.

After all the clients could enjoy their very own liqueur that´s been made for themselves (respecting the maceration time)

It includes:

> Master distiller recommendations
> Half liter Glass bottle
> Aromatic herbs for the maceration
> Tools to mix: hammer, board…
> Information of the most famous liqueurs
> Hard liquor
> Alcohol for the maceration
> Half bottle of wine for each customer during the activity
> Souvenir

We let our customers get closer to the sensory and aromatic wine world.

We divide the scents into three levels: primary aromas, secondary aromas and tertiary aromas.

In them you can find the nature aromas like the terroir, fruit and mediterranean flavors.

The ones to convert the mosto or grape juice in wine, the winery aromas or the ones that are in the wine bottle or in the cask.

All the aromas will be represented by flowers, species and another substances, in big glasses that won´t make you indifferent.

The sommelier will explain each wine in this event. Besides he will invite to the customers to guess which is each aroma. So it is certainly a very dynamic activity and interactive because they can try themselves every explanation.
4 different kind of wines to taste and to compare.

4 different kind of wines to taste and to compare.

Tasting time: 1 hour

We want to offer our clientele an alternative to the regular drinks. With our cocktails we pretend to give the client the freshness that they need in certain situations.

Perfect for company meetings, family or friends.

We offer this service for any of our special events or for your particular one.

It includes:

> Sommelier service
> Tools for the tastings
> Classic Cocktails or Personal ones

The best way to cook with the advise of a professional having an amusing time.

It is an unique and challenging experience.

If what you like is a gin and tonic: this is your activity.

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